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While the right equipment makes a difference, experienced agronomy employees matter even more to your success. We were one of the first in our area to adapt precision ag techniques, and our Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and licensed + certified applicators are constantly upgrading their knowledge.

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Genesis®  Agronomy Offers:


Complete crop planning, including nutrient, hybrid, herbicide, and pest control recommendations
Scouting service
Yield mapping
Pest management strategies
Grid sampling and conventional soil sampling
Variable rate applications of fertilizer and lime
Anhydrous ammonia application and toolbar rental
Manure analysis

Input Financing: 

We also offer input financing through AgriSpan. The application process is easy, and the response time is short.

Genesis Precision Solutions (GPS)
Do you wonder what fields or areas of fields need nutrients?

Would you like to "level out" your annual cost per acre for grid sampling?

Do you ever forget to get a field sampled?

Would you like to level out your grid sampling costs year on year?

s it important for you to know the exact nutrient needs of each individual field or even areas within a field?

Would you like to put your resources into field areas that will provide the best return for your investment?

Are you interested in variable rate fertilizer or seed?Would you like to know which of your fields would benefit from a lime application?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, talk to your Genesis Agronomist about how the GPS program can help you make better decisions on your farm!

Agronomy Staff

Belle Plaine

Joe Offerdahl
Location Manager

Adam Steffel
Sales Agronomist

Courtney Wolf
Sales Agronomist


Le Center

Chris Baker
Le Center Location Manager

Shane McFadden
Sales Agronomist
David Walechka
Sales Agronomist
Ryan Kuhlman
Sales Agronomist

Le Sueur

Marc Chevalier
Le Sueur Location Manager

Tom Endres
Sales Agronomist

Jake Heitshusen
Sales Agronomist



Leon Gregor
Morristown Location Manager

Darryl Quast
Sales Agronomist

Joe Dee
Sales Agronomist

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