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Genesis provides expertise to serve our farm and consumer clients.  Count on us as the best value source of farm and consumer products, service and information in southern Minnesota.  Our staff of highly trained professionals provides excellence in every aspect of our business, whether you are on the farm or a consumer customer. Stop in or call us today!

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Le Sueur, MN
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Whats News

With harvest upon us, here is a short list of reminders to Safely Share the Road with Big Trucks.

Do you clutch the wheel a little tighter as you pass a semi or other large trucks? You're not alone. Semis and large trucks navigate the roadways differently than other vehicles. Learning what they need — and what you can do — can help you safely share the road with large trucks.
What's Different About Driving Large Trucks or Semis?
Drivers of heavy trucks face a few difficulties ...on the road, including:
• Reduced field of vision. Truck drivers have multiple blind spots on both sides, in front of and behind their trucks.
• Longer stopping time. A large truck's size and weight increases its stopping distance. For example: If large trucks are going 65 miles per hour, they could need up to 200 yards — nearly the length of two football fields — to stop.
• Slower reactions. Most vehicles can merge quickly. Large trucks can't because of size.
• Wind vulnerability. Semis have a lot of surface area, making them harder to control when the wind picks up.
• Wide turns. Large trucks need plenty of room to make turns — especially right turns.
What You Can Do  Follow these tips to safely share the road with large trucks.
• Pass safely. Always pass on the left — the blind spot is smaller on this side — and maintain a steady speed.
• Give them space. Keep a safe following distance — four seconds or more — between you and large trucks to help avoid dangerous situations, such as sudden stops (and subsequent rear-ending), a truck rollover over in high wind, a tire blowout or a wide truck turn. Note: If you can’t see the trucks mirrors, they can’t see you.
• Be aware. Stay alert at all times, and keep your proximity to large trucks in mind as you share the road. In a smaller vehicle, you can maneuver more quickly which can help you stay out of danger.

Sales Agronomists and Agronomy and Energy Staff attend Sales Retreat


Genesis Cooperative Association announced a donation of $18,000 to the City of Cleveland Fire and Rescue for the purchase of a new water rescue boat. The donation was presented this July. The new water rescue boat will greatly enhance the emergency capabilities of the City of Cleveland Fire and Rescue.
The donation was made possible by Genesis and the Land O’Lakes Foundation through its Member Co-op Match Program.  The Foundation program matches the donations of Land O’Lakes member cooperatives, greatly increasing the funds available for community projects.

You can access the link to the BIG Event slide set on the Agronomy Update page.

 “Growing Solutions with Chad”
This is a short radio program, featuring our Master Agronomist, Chad Swanepoel.  Chad will be on KCHK (1350 AM or 95.5 FM) at 8:45 am every other Tuesday.  Chad is in our fields every day and he will be addressing agronomics and conditions in a timely and detailed interview format.  So listen to Chad's interviews for 10 minutes during the Tom Goetzinger show every other Tuesday at 8:45 AM.

In the meantime, you can email your questions to chad.swanepoel@genesis.coop. He can answer your email questions and may even use them during the show.

Be sure to tune in at 8:45 Tuesday!

MyFarmRecords is now available!  Now you can have 24/7 access to your Genesis accounts, purchases, account activity and history.  If you want to view your records online, call us to sign up, and then you will be ready to use the tab on the left (MyFarmRecords). Coming soon: access to field maps 24/7 as well!
If you just want to check out how it works without signing up, click on the MyFarmRecords tab to the left.  Then click on the "?" in the upper right hand corner to view videos on the capabilities.   
To get access, contact the Le Sueur Main Office at (507)665-6270 or (855)842-7351.  Talk with Janet, Cristina, Lisa or Sandy to verify your sign in information.  You must be a Genesis customer and have an email address to use this feature.


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